LyraVega's Outworldly Delights

I dunnowanna hate people so i think it's shitty i'm out of the loop again and when someone does call it's always to ask for something man lyra is so lonley i don't know why got a second interview today and hi express a nice clean place for once but i don't want to go i fucked my back up because im tired of being out of shape no stamina where is my dark haired fred savage mike piazza prince and my fire crowned omyte angel and i also added the other tall as usaf tsgt to my other friend list and wanna go home to the wall is anyone out there listning to me?




LyraVega's Outworldly Delights


Ass-key is great


No work no money no friends no life I'm bored wanna sleep and that it can't stand to do nothing anymore bored with life in general again having some trouble with keeping myself interested with anything always alone he's never here always working on cars just have the cats not sure of what I want it's great to type and not use periods or any punctuation just have people figure out for themselves when the scentence ends and the new paragraph beings if you know what i mean man



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