Ik word vermoeid van de winter. Ik kan me t lonliness bevinden. Iedereen is vals. Ik kan me t alleen bevinden zijnd. Alleen in mijn eigen hoofd. Als I wasn t om het even welke slimmere, wens van I D voor dood. Maar de dood zal niet komen, en ik zal het niet uitnodigen. I m allen, alleen

Я желаю на моя жизнь, котор нужно принять. Я не счастлив. Я всегда больн, всегда утомлено. Мой человек не полюбит меня больше, я злит его на моем визировании. Я хочу быть свободно, свободно быть одним и счастливым. Когда ваши умершие, ваши как богатые и как совершенные как вы хотят. Оно не придет к мне?

εγώ, πηγαίνει στην κόλαση. Κάποιος έρχεται και πυροβολεί τους εγκεφάλους μου απολύτως.

Eu deixo meus gatos a meu irmão, a nada fake e aos amigos unreal. Eu odeio todos. Justo deixe-me sozinho.


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights

1: It's not you, it's me = It's you.
2: It's not that I don't want to, it's just...= I don't want to.
3: Maybe we should see other people = You can't bring me off anymore, and I want to find a slutty blonde who can.
4: Maybe if we tried this....= What your doing isn't working, and I want you to do what my last boyfriend did that worked every time.
5: I'm just having a really bad day, today = And it's worse now that I'm here with you.
6: You- Whats wrong? Them-Nothing, I was just thinking= How much better my life would be without you in it.

No, Lyras not in trouble, just typing.


Positively Speaking....



So I've got an idea.

" You have reached the sprint voicemail box of "

" to leave a message, press one, or just wait for the tone. to send a numeric page, press two"

Funkmotor, Houston doesn't have a problem. Please return her call, ASAP.


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights

Things that I can't stand:

1: People who wear thier pajama pants outside of the house, to go to the store, etc. The only people who are allowed to do that are those who are sick and picking up medicine, and those that just came from some sort of team spots pratice...which in that case it is also permissible to wear socks with sandals.

2: People who just don't shower everyday. The only exeptions to this are those who are in casts that can't be coverd up by a hefty bag, and those in the final stages of depression.

3: Folks that order a Big Mac, no, make that a Wendy's Triple Classic meal, Biggie Sized; and then have the nerve to order a diet coke.

4: Why is it when there is even the most remote amount of snow on the ground, everyone decides it's prime time to drive like an asshole. The is no reason for everyone to drive at the pace of a snail and clusterfuck when there is 1/100 of an inch on the ground. Same goes for rain. Just because the road is a little damp-it does not permit you to suddenly turn into someone trying to forge an adventure though the rain forest. You don't need to whip your car back and forth to avoid every puddle on the road. That's why there are doors and windows. So you can go through a little bit of water and not get wet.

5: Guys who only find blondes hot. Fuck blondes. Why do you have to spend 700 bucks every two seconds to keep a hair color that makes you look like a cheap whore.

6: People who always call you saying " we gotta hang out, I miss you!!!" Who don't answer the phone when you call, and when you can go see them, they always have " the only thing....." excuse.

Can you tell I'm in a bad mood?


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights

My Hero

mrdanomyte posted a photo:

I'm in the real South Park, CO


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights


Fucking ebay. Whenever you sell something, some motherfucker always has to be dissatisfied. Motherfuckinggoddamnorangepeelbeef.


Look up to the extent of your sight



What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, running on the icy wasteland! It is Xaphan1039, hands clutching a studded crowbar! And with a vengeful roar, his voice cometh:

"I'm going to pound you so heinously, I will be high on life for years to come!"

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lous edald

We all need to shine on, to see
how far we've come on our journey.
How... far yet to go, searching for our... star!

Deep in the night, I pray in my heart
for that special light
to shower me with love,
to shower me with power,
to shine from above!

I gotta get to the Edge of Soul, to carry on...
what I believed in from the very start.
I gotta get to the Edge of Soul, to carry on,
deep in my heart!
Come strip down and face it, your all.
'Bout time you broke down your wall.
Free... your mind. A brand new world waits for you, you'll find!

Nobody can just do it for you.
It's time that you knew.
It's up to you to love,
it's up to you to shine
the light true an' blue!

You gotta get to the Edge of Soul, to carry on...
what you believed in from the very start.
You gotta get to the Edge of Soul, to carry on,
deep in your heart!