Thats seems like it's all I ever do anymore. Run to work. Run home from work. Run to be the taxi. Run to catch up with old friends. Run to shower, run to the animals, run ti the store.
Run to the bank: Run to beat traffic: Run not to be late: Run him here: Run her there:
Ebay sucks. It's lousy and paypal doesn't work, so then you have fucks emailing you to let you know that you haven't sent them thier shit when it's paypals fault, not yours.
No money...no one is ever around anymore.
Confused, who is mad, who is sad, who is broke?
Can't keep track...spinning, spinning, spinning.
Had a dirty dream last night about this guy, who isn't really my cousin. He's my cousisns cousin. But he's all 30ish, in his own buisness and he's really fucking hot. Dreamt he was getting married, and for some reason he was at my house taking a shower just before. It was just him and I, and he came out of the shower...I was sitting on the couch in a towel, has just taken mine. Anyway, he opens the door naked, with a towel in his hand...I made small talk to him about his 1 hour till wedding...he thanked me for understanding, kissed, and then had sex. We were both cheating. It was so fucking hot.
Anyway. He's not getting married in real life, he's single...but. Maybe I shouldn't look too deeply into this one, huh?
NEway. How are YOU today...run run run run.



Shrub won the election. Were fucked. Fucked, fucked, fucked.
Agreed with Danomyte.
Not at real estate agent anymore. She's a fucking cokehead, and therefore sucks. Working as a dental receptionist now. Which is cool beacause I can get more free dental care to add to my already gleaming white smile BABE.
I was the sexiest thing at K.Rons party. Wore all leather and had everyone including the old man all about me CAT. Amazing how guys will only talk to your chest if they have the oppertunity.
Wallkill and I are getting along just fine. Broke, but ok. Happy, content.
Got a new kitten. Named him meatbreath, because that's what he smells like. He's cute, friendy. has cronic diarreah but that's ok. Gave him some immodium on butter ealier. He'll be oK. Anyway.
Not much else, been very sick...going to cut out my tonsils...DUDE.
Snowed. Loved it in the apt. It made me have to. NORMAN.
Anyway, in Albany right now. Went to see the old man. He's ok BABE.

Werd. Laundry rules.