Fuck work. I want to win the lottery. So, when it's going to snow 12 inches and I don't feel well, I can stay home and sleep like I should.


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights

Every girl needs a male girlfriend. So I sent an email to this guy from friendster, this dude. And he wound up being way cooler to talk to than the guy I though he was originally.

I miss years ago, I had this friend Eric. Queer as a three dollar bill, but he was one of the best friends I've ever had. He acted straight enough, but was into fashion and shopping, etc. I wonder what he's doing. Think he moved to FL with this guy Carlos he met on the internet. Wer.d



For the love of God. There is a UPS driver that comes into the office everyday at work, and he is so hot, he makes my tea boil. I'd give my eyeteeth to have my way with him for 10 minutes.



Why is it that there is always something at a job I work at, that sends me home at the end of the day so disINchanted that I gotta cry?



Sometimes love happens in a flash, and as arbitrary as it seems, it is always made worse when thrown back in your face by silence.

Early Morning Headaches

Off today. Too tired to go back to sleep, to awake to stay awake.


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights

LyraVega's Outworldly Delights The cat hair tumbleweeds in my apartment make me sneeze.


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights

LyraVega's Outworldly Delights
Anyway, on to a lighter topic. Got me a goooood moniter. Only to find out that my comps VGA is a piece of trash, reducing my color display to a mere 16. That is way. not. cool. But, at least it makes sense why everything that I come across on the web looks like it's had extensive retouching and the like. Kind of cool, actually. If you don't mind the fact that your basically staring at colorful negatives.


LyraVega's Outworldly Delights


Sam Champion

Back in Action

Got me some RoadRunner. It's dope. Now all I have to do is get a decent moniter so I can actually see the dang colors in this cyberworld shit. Might as well be playing the oregon trail on this homeboy, wer.d

So...did I miss anything good?